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Vegard Hanssen

Think new

Vegard Hanssen
I’m born in 1973, married, 2 children. Member of Mensa, and creating puzzles for the magazine. I have 10+ years of experience keeping servers up and running 24/7. I love to code, especially algorithms, which is the reason why I have published over 20 puzzle books at Cappelen/CappelenDamm.

I need to be creative, and making videos and music is one way of doing that. Mostly with my wife in our home studio. I also like running, and I am working on lowering my half marathon time. Playing bass is always fun, and visualising songs so the audience get a good experience is always rewarding. And well, I like to code on my spare time too. Almost nothing is more rewarding than inventing a new algorithm.

Creating new things, while moving people from here to there.

I like to be in front, being a part of inventing new things. Working with people that make me go the extra mile, because they are good, is rewarding.

If I could choose what to invent, it would be an AI.


  • Server operation 95% 95%
  • Development 80% 80%
  • Javascript/Node.js 80% 80%
  • Php 80% 80%
  • Java 70% 70%
  • Perl 70% 70%
  • Go 50% 50%
  • TypeScript 70% 70%
  • Python 70% 70%
  • Linux 85% 85%
  • Databases 85% 85%


  • 2017 –

    SRE, Xait AS

    Focus on renewing technology


  • 2015.05 –

    Managing Director, Cellar Labs AS

    A company creating puzzle games etc


  • 2001.01 –

    Owner, Flogvit Data

    Indepentent contractor. A company where I do my music and create puzzles


  • 2016.07 – 2016.12

    Consultant, Xait AS

    Focus on migration av data from one system to another


  • 2015.05 – 2016.07

    System Administrator, Xait AS

    10% position


  • 2011.11 – 2015.05

    Manager Systems Administration, Xait AS

    Responsible for server operation team


  • 2005.09 – 2011.11

    System Administrator, Xait AS

    Developing automation and member of the serverop team


  • 2001.12 – 2005.04

    IT Manager, Norwegian School of Theology

    Responsible for server operation, development, accounting

  • 1999.01 – 2001.12

    IT Consultant, Norwegian School of Theology

    Member of the server operation team, developer and responsible for documentation

  • 1997.06 – 1998.04

    Office assistant, Chief Chaplain


  • 1997.01 – 1007.06

    Developmer, Dynamis Software

    Developing a fund raising system


  • 1994.08 – 1998.06

    Bachelor of Science in informatics

    The registration was approved in 2003. Emphasis on developing and managing big systems.


  • 1994.08 – 1996.06

    Theology, Norwegian School of Theology

    I took 2.5 years of the priest education


  • 1993.08 – 1994.06

    Basic subjects in Christianity, Norwegian School of Theology


  • 1993.01 – 1993.06

    Exam Philosophicum, Agder distrikshøgskole

    I took philosophicum while I was attending Bibelskolen i Grimstad

  • 1992.08 – 1993.06

    Forskynnelse og evangelisering, Bibelskolen i Grimstad

    A year of Bible study and learning to preach

  • 1990.08 – 1992.06

    High School, Meløy videregående skole

    Science courses, which I loved, so I took 99 of 90 points for fun.



Mårvegen 2
4347 Lye

+47 40401214

Random Knowledge

Hard to remember everything. There is little I don’t want to know more about.

IP (TCP,UDP), ICMP, ARP, IRC, FTP, SMTP, HTTP, NNTP, POP3, IMAP, DHCP, IPsec, SNMP, Samba, Apache HTTP Server, Nginx, Varnish, CUPS, BIND, NTP, DHCP, RPM, Yum, Sendmail, qmail, postfix, (x)inetd , syslog, atalk, ssh, iptables, nagios, VMware, VirtualBox, Adobe CC, IntelliJ, WebStorm, PhpStorm, Eclipse, Emacs, MySQL/MariaDB, Oracle, Android, iPhone, Windows XX, Unix, Solaris, SunOS, IRIX, AmigaOS, C64, IBM Bladecenter, ODA, PCA, NetApp, Cisco, BigIP, Cubase, MacOS, Delphi, Simula, Kubernetes, Docker, Azure, Amazon, WordPress

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