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Not a good day without some coding

I like to code. I can’t imagine life without being creative, and coding is a good way of getting some creativity out of my brain.



You can find some of my work on github


I have 10+ experience with php. Most on my homepage is made in php.


I’m working on my Go skills. I really like this language.



I have 10+ experience with java. Almost all my puzzle generators are created in java. Also some of my Android apps are created in java.


Perl was one of my first languages. I’ve automated quite a lot with perl scripts.


When I have time, I create npm modules.


I’m rewriting my webpage in Angular 2, or was it 3 – no that didn’t exist. Let’s say Angular 2-10, so I don’t have to update this so many times.


I prefer coding javascript in node or angular, but if I need to I do it the hard way.


There always a room for python. I always hated the indentation, but you get used to it with a good IDE. Come in handy with ansible.

IntelliJ and TODO

When you code, it's often you come up with an idea or shortcoming of your function. It's easy to code on and think you can remember it later. You don't, trust me. So what do you do when you're in an editor like IntelliJ? Well, you add a TODO: entry. [code...

Node.js and random port

Sometimes you need to open a random port on your node server. You can of course try a random one to see if it fails, but a npm module makes this easy: var pf = require('portfinder');...

Primes – a @puzzleall app

The first app from the @puzzleall team is ready for you to test. It is called Primes, and you can find it at Google Play Store. If you want to see it in action, check out our YouTube channel for the app. You can also reach us at our website,, or on...

Failing to play mp3 and video in chrome on Android

I run a download site for a choir where they can download the songs the conductor has recorded for them to learn. The site is password protected so only the members can reach it. A couple of days ago I got a message than some of the users hadn't used the site on their...

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