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Pi Sudoku | Flogvit

Pi Sudoku

I love Pi. It has always fascinated me. And since I also create sudoku puzzles, I just found myself wanting to make a Pi sudoku puzzle one day. I wanted it rotational symmetric, as a good puzzle should be, and I wanted it with as few given as possible. Since I didn’t find anyone with 20 givens, I ended up with 21 givens. I also wanted it to have the first line with the numbers 314, with an opening between 3 and 14, since that’s what most people think of as Pi. I ended up creating about 20 puzzles, and picked one which I think looks good, and is pretty difficult to solve. So here it is. Read the puzzle from upper left to bottom right and you’ll get 21 digits of Pi. If you want to solve it, head to my website.

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