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Reformat your source code with #IntelliJ | Flogvit

Writing correctly formatted code isn’t easy to do all the time. So what do you do when you have eg written your json files like:

{ "test": "testing"
, "bla": "blabla"
, "yo": "yo to you"}

and want it to be:

  "test": "testing",
  "bla": "blabla",
  "yo": "yo to you"

You go into your file and press alt-win-l (alt-cmd-l on mac). Voila. It’s formatted correctly.

But then you understand that you have a lot of files that needs to be reformatted. Well, select all you files in the project window (shift/alt) and when in the project window press alt-win-l. You probably get a popup asking for optimizing, rearranging etc. Just leave them and press OK. Voila. All files correctly formatted.

Now you can go and get your well earned coffee break.

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