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Helping the world for free in the winter with #Folding@Home | Flogvit

When it gets colder, we use a lot of money to heat the house. Imagine if this money could be used to solve the Alzheimer’s disease, without it costing you anything more?

Impossible, you might say! Nope. It’s as simple as going to, press “Start Folding” and voila you will help the world to find a solution to the diseases as Alzheimer, Huntington, Parkinson etc.

What’s going on?

  1. You will use the computer to solve the diseases
  2. Your computer gets hotter of working, that heats your house
  3. You turn down the heat in your house, because your machine is warming instead
  4. Power costs are exactly equal, because the heat is heat, no matter what make it
  5. The world wins. Maybe even you one day, because we found the solution to a disease you got

So, help the world for free during the winter months! It does not cost you many minutes to go to But remember, when summer comes and you start cooling the house, turn off folding also

Right now in my computer to help solve: “This project explores the folding and dynamics of E.coli RNase H.”

If you want to be part of my team, use teamnr: 227348. But feel free to be teamless. The important part is that you contribute.

Btw, there are more projects like this you can use to generate your heat. Another good one is

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