Dec 16

Google Drive on Windows crashes

I like Google Drive. But, there is a problem with it crashes in certain scenarios. If you import too many files to it, like 5000+, before you let it finish syncing, it tends to crash. This was pretty frustrating when I wanted to move the files from dropbox to Google Drive. So I created a little perl script which slowly moves the files into the Google Drive directory. It's available as a gist at github. You need the File::Copy::Recursive module installed. It is run like:

slowmove.pl /cygwin/d/dropbox/ /cygwin/d/gdrive/ 1 100 2

Jan 16

#FreeFreddy puzzle game is out

Cellar Labs new puzzle game, Free Freddy, is out for Android. Get it at Google Play.

Solve 100 puzzles to earn trophies and certificates. Or try solve random puzzles in different sizes and difficult levels. If you feel lucky, try a 10x10 insane puzzle.

The game will soon be available for iPhone and Windows Phone too.


Get it on Google Play

Get it from Microsoft

Nov 14

Google Drive and many disks

So, you are the new happy owner of Google Apps Unlimited, and can store tons of files in your Google Drive. Then you have several computers you want to sync between. To make this easy, let's say you have 2 computers, where both have 2x1 TB disk. But you do different stuff on the different computers, and you want to make the most of your Google Drive, so you still have the files if you computer(s) crashing. So how do you do this?

Well, your first problem is that Google Drive reside on only one disk, usually under c:\Users\<username>\Google Drive. How do you make use of your brand new shiny 1TB disk which you have mounted on D:, and use the space on C: as well?

The answer to this is first to sort your stuff by different directories. So let's say you have some videos you've made. What you do is to make a directory D:\Videos. There you put all your shiny videos. You can even use up all your 1 TB space for those videos. Then you start up a command prompt as administrator [win-X Command Prompt (Admin)], and you type:

mklink /D "C:\Users\<youruser>\Google Drive\Videos" "D:\Videos"

And voila, you have a symlink in your google drive to the D:\Videos, which is now available as Google Drive\Videos. Give it a minute before you see Google Drive start to sync it.

But you don't want to have the videos on your other computer? Easy, just turn off the directory in your Google Drive->Preferences->Sync options.