Jan 16

#FreeFreddy puzzle game is out

Cellar Labs new puzzle game, Free Freddy, is out for Android. Get it at Google Play.

Solve 100 puzzles to earn trophies and certificates. Or try solve random puzzles in different sizes and difficult levels. If you feel lucky, try a 10x10 insane puzzle.

The game will soon be available for iPhone and Windows Phone too.


Get it on Google Play

Get it from Microsoft

Nov 15

Chicken Hatch Puzzle Game for iOS

We have published the iOS version of our Chicken Hatch game.

Try it out at iTunes.

Can you solve them all with 3 stars? If you're stuck, try YouTube

Oct 15

Chicken Hatch Puzzle Game for Android

We have published a new fun puzzle game called Chicken Hatch. Try to get the hens to hatch the chickens. It is not that hard to find a solution for the puzzle, but finding the 3 stars solution is much harder.

Try it out at Google Play. iOS version will come later.

Can you solve them all with 3 stars?

Nov 14

Primes - a @puzzleall app

The first app from the @puzzleall team is ready for you to test. It is called Primes, and you can find it at Google Play Store.

If you want to see it in action, check out our YouTube channel for the app.

You can also reach us at our website, www.puzzleall.com, or on Twitter.

Happy puzzling


Nov 14

Chess VM 2014 analyser

For those following Chess VM with Magnus Carlsen and Viswanathan Anand, I suggest you try http://analysis.sesse.net/.

The site is made by Steinar H. Gunderson. Chess analysis by Stockfish (main analysis: 20x2.27GHz Haswell-EP, multi-PV search: 12x2.3GHz Sandy Bridge). Moves provided by FICS. Hosting and main analysis hardware by Studentersamfundet i Trondhjem. JavaScript chessboard powered by chessboard.js.

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