Jan 16

#FreeFreddy puzzle game is out

Cellar Labs new puzzle game, Free Freddy, is out for Android. Get it at Google Play.

Solve 100 puzzles to earn trophies and certificates. Or try solve random puzzles in different sizes and difficult levels. If you feel lucky, try a 10x10 insane puzzle.

The game will soon be available for iPhone and Windows Phone too.


Get it on Google Play

Get it from Microsoft

Oct 15

Chicken Hatch Puzzle Game for Android

We have published a new fun puzzle game called Chicken Hatch. Try to get the hens to hatch the chickens. It is not that hard to find a solution for the puzzle, but finding the 3 stars solution is much harder.

Try it out at Google Play. iOS version will come later.

Can you solve them all with 3 stars?

Nov 14

Primes - a @puzzleall app

The first app from the @puzzleall team is ready for you to test. It is called Primes, and you can find it at Google Play Store.

If you want to see it in action, check out our YouTube channel for the app.

You can also reach us at our website, www.puzzleall.com, or on Twitter.

Happy puzzling


Oct 14

Failing to play mp3 and video in chrome on Android

I run a download site for a choir where they can download the songs the conductor has recorded for them to learn. The site is password protected so only the members can reach it. A couple of days ago I got a message than some of the users hadn't used the site on their phone lately, since it didn't work. I hadn't done anything, so I was curious why. I started to investigate and found a post:


This issue is an old bug where chrome didn't read large mp3 files, so though some say it was the bitrate, it actually was the size of the file. But after trying to change the files without any luck, I was wondering if it was something else. And after awhile I found the real problem.


Chrome didn't forward the authentication for the site to the music/video player, and therefore the music player wasn't allowed to read the mp3 file. I tried some workaround, but didn't find any good solution which was transparent for the admin and users.

But, the next day I got an update for chrome on my phone, and it worked again. So, if you have this problem, you need to upgrade chrome to the latest version on your phone.